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Friday Featured Business #SDYP Movement @S_D_Y_P

  • S.D.Y.P The Movement is combination of a label , promotion company , publishing company , and Jon- profit . Sdyp stands for success determination , youth , and prosperity . Our goal is to bring forth change in unity through our talents , also through reaching out to other organizations , schools , group homes , the unfortunate , and anyone trying to raise money for a good cause . It has always been my dreams to bring forth change in unity and also poetry has always been a passion of mines . So I combined the three and came up with a way to do what I love while helping others Everything I do is positive , I am not for myself , I am more for the people than anything . Most of all I am fulfilling my purpose with God while doing this .

    Who would use your services or product:

    Schools , clubs , parties , businesses , artists , labels , group homes , readers , libraries , anyone looking to be inspired , entertained , promoted , bookstores , and etc

    Greatest achievement in business to date: Publishing our first anthology titled “ A Mother’s Day Special ” May 2013 What has helped your business the most Positivity , God , and supporting others in their dreams

    What prompted you to start your own businessI’ve always been a entrepreneur since high school , but I would have to say God

    When were you the most discouraged Never

    Whats a fact about your business that most customers probably do not know

    Sdyp stands for success , determination , youth , and prosperity .. We are driven by those initials and we do this for the people What types of things have you did locally (for the community, shop local, etc) Speaking to the children at Norwood elementary school in miami , fl . doing a car wash in fayetteville , nc in to send care packages to men overseas , donating my CDs full of inspiration .

    To be inspired you can find is on twitter and Instagram @sdyp_tm , on Facebook : s.d.y.p the movement , website

  • Social networks : twitter and ig: @s_d_ y_p , Facebook : and /skeetdayungpoet ,affiliations: FDTR, Oil Spill Ent ,Topcatlive , The Takeover , Sea World , Jax City , Kavalon promotions

    , and etc

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