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Friday Featured Business @4kerryskids Airbonne

=> Describe your business/What do you do
I am a District Manager for Arbonne International. Arbonne is a Swiss formulated health and wellness company that provides premium quality products that are safe, pure and beneficial. I promote a healthier way of living by using everyday products that don’t harm your body. I also provide an exciting way to earn an income by as part of a successful goal driven team. I coach others on my team to gain personal growth, leadership skills, and to promote our products. We are a network marketing company so I do networking events within the community.

=> How did you come to be in this line of work
I started using Arbonne’s signature anti-aging skin care line after I was given a sample pack to try. I had some acne scaring on my face and was starting to get wrinkles. After about three days, I really started noticing a difference and so were others. I was actually asked if I was doing botox treatments. This sold me on the products and I became passionate about the fact that everything I used did what it said it was going to do and was safe. I actually met my sponsor on twitter ! Social media DOES work!

=> What makes you different from others in this field
Arbonne’s products are 100% vegan certified and are dermatology tested, not just recommended. We are free from GMO’s and gluten.
Arbonne personal care products are
formulated without:
*Animal products or animal by-products
* Parabens
* Formaldehyde-donating preservatives
* Petroleum-based ingredients
* Benzene
* Mineral Oil
* Petrolatum
* Phthalates
* Toluene

Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are
formulated without:
* Artificial colors
* Artificial flavors
* Artificial sweeteners
* Animal products
* Animal by-products
* Cholesterol
* Saturated fats
* Trans fats
96% of the health and wellness products on the shelves today contain one or more of these harmful chemicals which may cause cancer and other skin conditions and illnesses. The fact that are products are pure and safe set us apart from the others.

=> Who would use your services or product
We have products for the whole family from the mens and womens anti-aging line down to the baby care line. We also have a safe acne line and health and nutrition and weight loss products. Anyone who is having issues with sensitive skin, aging skin, eczema, rosacea, or dry skin do well on our products. We also have makeup that is botanically based and is mineral based and contains peptides making it an anti-aging product. It not only makes you look great but is healthy for you.

=> Greatest achievement in business to date
My greatest achievement thus far is that I became a district manager within two months when it normally takes 4 to 6 months. I also earned the Spirit of Arbonne award for my team. On a more personal note, I feel a great sense of achievement when I am able to help someone become healthier or feel better about the way they look on the outside as well as the inside. I also get a great sense of achievement by offering this opportunity to others and seeing their lives change.

=> What has helped your business the most
The thing that has helped my business the most is the support system we have from the training we receive daily. We also have a huge amount of support from the corporate office that helps me promote my business.

=> Funniest thing that has happened
We have these T-shirts that we were that say Pure Arbonne" across the front. The word pure is in huge gold glittery letters and the word Arbonne is quite small to where you can barely see it at all. It was hilarious hearing the comments from people (who only noticed the word “pure”) when I wore the shirt on the strip in Las Vegas.

=> What prompted you to start your own business
I am a single mom and need to provide for my children. I wanted to build this business so that I can continue to stay home with them as well as have a flexible schedule. I am going to go to the top of my company and want my children to see that their mom can be an achiever and be successful. Up until Arbonne, I was in a highly stressful job and felt like I was just surviving. I didn’t have the time with my kids that I wanted to have more control over my schedule. I saw the earning potential as well as the potential for personal growth and was absolutely in love with the product so it was a perfect fit for me. The compensation plan from Arbonne is better than any that I have seen out there so you can actually make a good income quickly. I can honestly say that I love my job!

=> When were you the most discouraged
To be honest with you, I don’t get discouraged easily. There are ups and downs in every business and in network marketing you have learn to be patient and to stay positive. I have quickly learned the phrase that sometimes rejection is God’s protection!

=> What networks have you joined
I have joined the Idaho Women’s Business association and the Boise Business Networking group.

=> Whats a fact about your business that most customers probably do not know.
Most potential customers do not know about the harmful chemicals that are in our products and that it only takes 26 seconds for those chemicals to go from your skin to your bloodstream. They also do not know that health and beauty companies have two different formulations for the same product, one for the US market and one for the European market. The products being sold in Europe do not contain the harmful chemicals but the same product in the US do. It is my job to educate people about what they have in their homes and to offer a healthy alternative.

=> What types of things have you did locally (for the community, shop local, etc)
Arbonne encourages us to give back to the community as well as to the world. The Arbonne Charitable Foundations mission is to provide support for programs and opportunities that promote the development of confidence and self-esteem in teenage girls and boys. Through product donations and monetary grants to tax-exempt organizations, and the volunteer efforts of Arbonne Angels, the Foundation supports charitable programs that empower the next generation. We also as a team are starting to provide service once a month in the Boise area to local charities.

=> What types of things have you done virtually?
I feel like the best way to promote your business is to first promote yourself. I think it is very important to gain a personal relationship with people and build trust and friendship. I have made many friends on twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook who have become clients. I also do skype parties and virtual catalog parties for those who live farther away. We also provide webinars for those who want to learn more about the business opportunity or about our products. The link to our opportunity webinar is

One thing that is interesting is that our founder Peder Mork was in the health and beauty industry and was becoming so disgusted by what was happening to the quality of the products so he took his team of herbalists and scientists and formulated healthy products. He formed Arbonne 33 years ago using the network marketing model for two reasons, one was to keep the cost down and the other was because he knew women could become millionaires. He firmly believed that if there were more millionaire women that the world would change for the better. We have seen his vision come true in our company as all of the millionaire women in our company give back more each and every month than what they had previously made in a whole year before Arbonne. It has been amazing to be able to see the world change for the better in unsung ways. They are feeding the poor, digging wells in third world countries, healing the sick through free healthcare, and many other acts of charity. This to me is really what life is all about and I am proud to be a part of a company with so much compassion for mankind.

Thank You For Your Time Kerry Bradshaw

Never Limit Yourself, If you dreamed it, its cause YOU CAN DO IT!

Never Limit Yourself, If you dreamed it, its cause YOU CAN DO IT!It was a pleasure to meet Kerry Bradshaw, and learn more about her and what she does. I loved how she talked about her kids, about how she wants them to view her. Kerry I am sure that your kids see you as a role-model. That is why alot of us like to be work at home parents, to give the kids that, to be there for them, to give them all the necessary tools in this life to help them succeed. We want our kids lives to be better than ours. It is great that we have companies like Arbonne to give people who want to work at home this flexibility. You really can have it all. If you were hestiate about starting your work at home business, I hope this article motivated you, It is some many resources, networks, to assist you. The people who really care, will not deter you from your dreams! We wish you all the best!
Kerry Bradshaw Arbonne Consultant - Arbonne Health and Beauty ProductsKerry Bradshaw Arbonne Consultant has the best health and beauty products that are 100% Vegan certified. Come shop our online catalog for skin care, nutrition, detox spa, cosmetic, and aromatherapy products.Connect With Kerry Bradshaw on FacebookKerry Bradshaw on FacebookBeautiful Healthy You!Beautiful Healthy You
Living a healthier life style in order to look good, feel good, and have a more fulfilling life.Christy Dreiling OpportunityChristy Dreiling OpportunityKerry Bradshaw (4kerryskids) on TwitterThe latest from Kerry Bradshaw (@4kerryskids). I am an Arbonne consultant and work at home mom. I love being able to share this oportunity to empower women and to educate families how to become healthier. Boise, ID

*Alert* Attention People Interested in Work at Home Jobs

If you are interested in working at home, this is a position to consider. Let Kerry Bradshaw assist you with working at home, if you feel that the Airbonne is fit for you!!

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Friday Featured Business #SDYP Movement @S_D_Y_P

  • S.D.Y.P The Movement is combination of a label , promotion company , publishing company , and Jon- profit . Sdyp stands for success determination , youth , and prosperity . Our goal is to bring forth change in unity through our talents , also through reaching out to other organizations , schools , group homes , the unfortunate , and anyone trying to raise money for a good cause . It has always been my dreams to bring forth change in unity and also poetry has always been a passion of mines . So I combined the three and came up with a way to do what I love while helping others Everything I do is positive , I am not for myself , I am more for the people than anything . Most of all I am fulfilling my purpose with God while doing this .

    Who would use your services or product:

    Schools , clubs , parties , businesses , artists , labels , group homes , readers , libraries , anyone looking to be inspired , entertained , promoted , bookstores , and etc

    Greatest achievement in business to date: Publishing our first anthology titled “ A Mother’s Day Special ” May 2013 What has helped your business the most Positivity , God , and supporting others in their dreams

    What prompted you to start your own businessI’ve always been a entrepreneur since high school , but I would have to say God

    When were you the most discouraged Never

    Whats a fact about your business that most customers probably do not know

    Sdyp stands for success , determination , youth , and prosperity .. We are driven by those initials and we do this for the people What types of things have you did locally (for the community, shop local, etc) Speaking to the children at Norwood elementary school in miami , fl . doing a car wash in fayetteville , nc in to send care packages to men overseas , donating my CDs full of inspiration .

    To be inspired you can find is on twitter and Instagram @sdyp_tm , on Facebook : s.d.y.p the movement , website

  • Social networks : twitter and ig: @s_d_ y_p , Facebook : and /skeetdayungpoet ,affiliations: FDTR, Oil Spill Ent ,Topcatlive , The Takeover , Sea World , Jax City , Kavalon promotions

    , and etc

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Friday Featured Business with Always The Plan #SupportSmallBiz

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Describe your business/What do you do?

I am the President and Founder of DadsPlan LLC which runs  One could say AlwaysThePlan is new Online Event Organizing Platform, and an Economical Business Promotions Engine and a Champion of Content Contributors…but ultimately ATP’s business is in executing taken-for-granted online actions, starting with those mentioned above, in a more productive, budget-friendly, and innovative way.

How did you come to be in this line of work?

The desire and need to have my own online business, but also from personal experiences that I felt could have solutions manifested in a new online opportunity.

What makes you different from others in this field?

Right now the fields are set at Online Social Events, Business Promotions and Content…each is it’s own field altogether.  For each of these, the common thread is a new approach to deliver results for the users of each domain.  

For Social Events we are rethinking and revising the standard model and implementing our own. Offering a one-stop approach to create simple calls-to-action for friendly get-togethers up to public pay-for events. The event is fully contained in-site, promoted to other social media, but not offloaded to 3rd party platforms to collect payments, if that’s what the event needs.

Businesses, large, but especially small, will enjoy an inexpensive, fixed, and budget-friendly subscription model to actively promote banners and custom profiles on-site.  We substitute confusing clicks and counts for a trust that we will efficiently get word out to their desired market.  I say “active” because once you are running ads with us we will integrate your company into our own campaigning, simultaneously endorsing and exposing you to our growing network. This offers unlimited exposure, because your presence expands as we do.  

Content Contributors have also found a new friend.  As a content contributor myself, I have often felt my offerings were little seen, under appreciated, and on the losing end of the notoriety battle with the host sites.  Some contributors submit content for a quick payout, but the long-term, income comes from a personal authorship brand.  Featuring the contributor over the content is not what most host sites care to do, and certainly not outside their own site.  ATP sees it differently.  We are seeking quality content, but we want to freely reciprocate with our own brand of hospitality.  Contributors themselves and their desired reference links will be “actively” promoted to our networks and the social media universe.  Out-of-Sight = Out-of-Mind, so we say, In Sight = In Mind!

Who would use your services or product?

There is no limit.  All event invites, socially proactive event organizers, businesses who need economical and easy advertising, and any content producers.  

Greatest achievement in business to date

Starting AlwaysThePlan.  Acting on an idea is really an achievement and accomplishment all by itself.  It’s really no small feat to commit to a project you know will be a long road.

What has helped your business the most?

Since I’m still in development it’s hard to say what has helped.  But I would say a steadfast belief in an idea and synergistic marketing & development doesn’t hurt!

Funniest thing that has happened?

That prior, this site was DadsPlan -  marketed to guys and dads. Midstream I was resoundingly lambasted or questioned by various women who couldn’t understand why my ideas wouldn’t apply to them.  They were right of course.  DadsPlan started as a much smaller idea, and as the idea grew, the name should have been changed earlier to reflect that.  Maybe this isn’t that funny after all, unless funny = strangely curious situation.

What prompted you to start your own business?

I can’t lie. The need for more money, a supplemental income, maybe more.  I think it’s a typical situation and story of most entrepreneurs’.  Something has to drive you to take on risky and laborious tasks, and better finances seem a good reason.

But one could increase wealth in many ways, on and offline.  I happened to be in a social situation that lent itself to an online solution, one I didn’t believe was currently available. So I took the opportunity to create a company, site and brand to be a solution vehicle for that, and other quagmires.  Not too ambitious, right?

 When were you the most discouraged?

When my THIRD developer, after 3 months, and coming from a personal recommendation no less, told me he found a “big fish” client and couldn’t prioritize me anymore.  We parted ways and my separate social media firm then assumed that role.

What networks have you joined?

What’s a fact about your business that most customers probably do not know?

I have envisioned and continue to fund ATP myself (but I do use a web developer!).  Point being, ATP is going to make or break on the strength of my vision and conviction.  As such, ATP answers to no-one, but can better itself in an instant based on my intuition of feedback. The site is a reflection of me, taking a different path, bucking convention.  So I do hope those who come to ATP find a new online home for the services offered.  It’s good to try new things and be a little rebellious.

 What types of things have you did locally (for the community, shop local, etc)?

I consider myself community centric.  I always try to patronize my local establishments as a first choice.  I volunteer time to my local house of worship, local elementary school, the Boy Scouts, and I’m a drum instructor for the local kids in my community.

He also adds:

I imagine myself like most other want-to-do-better people. Married with two kids, a science degree not leveraged to its full earning potential, classic car owner/enthusiast and a working/teaching drummer.  

Maybe of interest if that ATP starting pre-branding itself as it was being developed.  In this hyper-competitive market, that’s not considered jumping the gun.  

In a personal nature, anyone that takes one a business model such as this winds up: doing a lot of soul searching; brewing a lot of coffee; learning a lot more about social media and marketing than thought necessary; is faced with personal barriers to overcome; and starts figuring who the truest friends and confidants are.

I’m perusing the American Dream, one Tums at a time!

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Friday's Featured Business #SupportSmallBiz

Every Friday We Feature A Business & This Business Receives One Week Free Marketing.

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