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Dude where's my traffic

Every so often Etsy rolls out a new algorithm. This has happened again and it has left shop owners confused and also wondering what happened to the traffic they were once seeing. One of the things that they are changing and still in the process of changing is SEO title stuffing. What is that? When you use all the keywords and stuff them into the title and also repeating keywords to get your shop items rated higher than the competitor. What does it look like - Gold ring, ladies ring, wedding ring, size 8 ring, promise ring. You have said ring 5 times, google is penalizing these shops. When the title should actually read, "Ladies Gold size 8 wedding ring." This title tells you everything, it is shareable across social media platforms, and you still have the keywords in the title. You always think like the customer, not like a seller. The first four words should be the most important when you are describing the item, that is how it appears on Google. Please be sure to use keywords in the description but not repetitively. Always complete all 13 of the tags, this is 13 more chances to gain exposure for your small business.

I am member of multiple Etsy groups I give advice when questions are asked. Some of these habits seem hard to break. You ask the person if you would this person how would you search for this happen, if you saw this title would it make you run, would you know what the person is selling. People come up with tactics because they get desperate, they have great items but it is not selling. But doing things the right way all the time will prevent you from being penalized, closed and or deactivated. It was never a good idea to stuff your title, I have written numerous blogs on this subject across the years. It was many issues with stuffing your title before google caught on to what was happening.

-Do not attempt to game the system. Always make coherent descriptive titles

-Do not worry about what is new or happening with tactics. The same clean tactics always work. Good coherent descriptive titles, with awesome tags.

The title - first four words are most important - try not to repeat any words in the title. The title helps to get you found by the people who are using the internet search bar.

Description - Should further described the item and give a behind the scenes into how the item was made

Tags - tags help get you found by the people who are searching on Etsy, this is a great way to think like the customer, what words and phrases can be used to find your items. What is great about the tags you can always go in and change and tweak them.

Please also complete all shop sections. Show that you care about your business and that you are personable.

Lastly, one of the most questions I get asked in the groups are who are you, what makes you an expert. I started my own business of social media marketing in 2009, I also sold on Etsy (social media and handmade items). I have assisted shops, bloggers, youtubers, etc. With Etsy I have helped with titles, posting pictures, writing descriptions, creating treasuries, tags, pricing, research. I did not just get here. Social media was my full time job until I was able to go back to work full time in 2015, then it became my part time job and I was not as visible and active.

3 Reasons why you are not getting sales with your websites & Etsy, Ebay Online Shops Success with Social Selling @KavalonThatsMe
How has online selling worked for you so far? Are you enjoying it? I enjoy selling online, I love the friendliness, and helping customers. But have your sales stalled?
Did your sales stall or have you not had any sales at all? Please remember that just because you are not getting sales does not mean that you or your product is not good enough. Social selling takes time, please have patience to showcase what you have to offer the world, we need YOU.
(1) Reason 1 why you are not getting sales on your website - because you are a newbie. Please keep in my I am only referring to websites, not etsy, ebay, or amazon. If you created a website and you are not getting any sales, it is because you have not built and created trust. I am assuming that your pictures, content, and other facets of your website is spectacular. People visiting your website, new customers do not know who you are they found you, they do not know if you are a pop up shop or if you are a legitimate business. So you are like well Kavalon how do I get sales then, I am putting myself out here.
How to get sales with newly created website: One thing you need to do is put your items on a trusted site, such as etsy, amazon, ebay, to name a few.
But Kavalon they charge me for posting and I am not to sure I need to watch my expenses. These costs are small, and they will immensely assist you in building trust, building your brand, and growing your business. People will visit a site they trust to purchase from and if you are not on that site, you will not be found. You have hidden yourself. People know that when you bring your business to these places you are serious and that is one of the first ways to start building trust and turning yourself into a legitimate paying taxes business. You can post all of your items on one of these type of shops or you can post your top selling items. After a customer buys you can direct them to your website where you have other items listed they may be interested in and offer them a special to go directly to your site or if they refer a friend.
Shop local first: Another way to get sales to your website is friends and family they are usually your first brand promoters and sharers on social media. Make sure you showing them your latest projects, what you have made, and what you are working on. With friends and family sharing it also helps to build trust. It will also show how much time and love you put into what you do. Make sure you start in your community. Attend those community events and showcase what you have! If you are on a site join teams, build bonds and share each other work. You will never know what the cost of a share is.
(2) Reason you are not getting any sales - I have talked about this before, TITLES! This is what pulls the customer in, if you are not excited about your product the customer can tell, and that will definitely turn them away. If the title is something similar to this: Sterling silver ring, women sterling silver ring, gift idea ring, mother's day gift ring, Christmas present idea ring - this . . . . . no . . .. please. Get excited, what makes this product great. That should be your title, summarize everything in the title. The rest use as your keywords to be found. Think like the consumer, have you bought from shops with these titles? Would that turn you away?
Make sure you are utilizing the description, you do not want it to be a book but give them enough information that describes to them what they are looking at. Please remember you are online they can not touch this product yet. Let them know why they should have this item in there home, why do they need it, why did you create it, why is it special? Then make sure you fill out tags, tags that correspond with what you made, what words are people using to find you, that's your tags.
Almost make sure other areas of your shop are complete as well the about section, shipping information. Make sure you take the time to share a little bit about you. Utilize the pictures. Make sure you have more than 1 picture posted of the item. Front, back, side, on a person.
(3) Reasons you are not getting any sales offer free shipping. I know you are thinking Kavalon, really? Yes how many times have your not purchased the item because of the shipping? Add the shipping into the cost of the item if applicable. People always want to think they are getting a deal. I found this item for $42 and the shipping was free! When people are already paying for an item they do not want to pay for shipping as well. It is just how our minds think. The item can be $40 and shipping and handling can be $15 - that is a total of $55 spent - or you can post it for $55 or $56 and offer free shipping - same difference but that free shipping sounds like a better deal.
Or you can offer free shipping during the holiday or 15% during the holiday season. You want them to visit your shop, see your great product, then be wowed when it is free shipping as well. You do not want free shipping to be the first thing that they see. You want the benefits stacked. -great title that brought them in - interesting description -a product they can not refuse -and then to make matters better they receive free shipping or discount with purchase. Talk about a happy customer.
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